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Our florist shop provides more than floral arrangements. We offer products for gifting & home decor including women's apparel, throws, candles, soaps, linen towels, & more!

Bunnies & Products
Spring Products
Nasturtium Products
Stone Hollow Farmstead Jellies
Stone Hollow Farmstead Syrups
Stone Hollow Farms Products
Rose Geranium Syrup & Jelly
Wild Violet Jelly
Chive Blossom Cooking Vinegar
Nasturtium Jelly & Vinegar
Dill Blossom Jelly & Cooking Vinegar
Honeysuckle Jelly & Syrup
Michel Designs Lavender Products
Michel Designs Eucalyptus & Mint Products
My Garden Floral Road Sign
Grey Horse Candle Company High End Saddle Candle
Grey Horse Candle Company Cedar Shavings
Grey Horse Candle Company Winter Circuit
Grey Horse Candle Company Peppermints For Ponies
Grey Horse Candle Company Candles
Grey Horse Candle Company Carriage Ride
Grey Horse Candle Company Soaps
in2green Equestrian Throws
in2green Brown Equestrian Throw
in2green Blue Equestrian Poncho
in2green Green Equestrian Poncho
in2green Equestrian Scarf
Blue Summer House Linen Dish Towel Deer Themed
Blue Summer House Linen Dish Towel Floral Print
Blue Summer House Linen Dish Towel
Other Products: Portfolio
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